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Norwegian officials said the group that hacked the Labour Party was APT 29, also known as Cozy Bear, which supposedly has ties to Russia's top security service, FSB.

If we factor in the population growth, this level of reported offences is by far the lowest in the 24 years of these statistics.

This article is about Scandinavia as a cultural-linguistic region.

Icelanders and the Faroese are to a significant extent descended from the Norse, and are therefore often seen as Scandinavian.

The Norwegian army decided to change to a new pistol in 1961 and after testing different pistols they decided to adopt the Walther P38 under the name m/38. A Norwegian crest is stamped on the slide between the P38 and Cal. The serial number of this pistol is 198253 and the last 3 digits of the serial number were also stamped on the slide next to the safety lever.

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