Sccm software inventory not updating

I checked the logs on my SCCM server and every time i recieved the inventory report from clients I got an SQL error saying that the rows in my table could not be updated.

This lead me to believe that the client had never been in the table, and as suspected, my Operating System table (the table that contains data about a client operating system, and in this case what service pack is installed) only had a few machines present.

Solution: Increase the maximum allowable size, which is defined in the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER\Max MIF Size (the default is 5 MB), and wait for Inventory Data Loader to retry the operation.” I checked C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\Process\ file size and saw it was over 5mb but under 7mb.

I increased the registry to 7mb from the key above.

Please feel free to correct what I have done wrong or have missed, so that I can get this working.

The problem is the Update Collection is properly populated with the needed members and under the deployment tab (in member properties) I see updates set for install.

We were doing a large scale roll-out to over 12,000 clients for an important piece of software.

When checking the reports for advertisement status, the number of successful installations were as hoped for and incredibly positive.

Turns out that I was missing two key settings to get what I wanted. I had initially made the assumption that there was a built- in process for discovering installed software and that the “Inventory these file types” setting was only to specify additional file types as needed. To correct this, I added two wild card entries to the client settings for file types: *. This collection however, showed over 1000 machines that were reporting back as having successfully installed the program, indicating that although successfully running the program, it was not installed.Ordinarily this usually indicates a problem in the query or a problem in a program exiting with code 0 when in fact it failed.In about 10 minutes I tried the Hardware Inventory Cycle again and this time it was successfully processed in the I recently had a problem with client inventory data not being present in the SCCM database.

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