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That’s what I think American Dad should do, because what are the big cartoons now? WS: Well I’m jealous that Marge Simpson was in Playboy so I want to do The Simpsons and put me right up next to her and we’ll see who’s hotter. Francine and Stan, there was a cartoon I just heard, Stan’s there, he’s naked, and you’re sitting there staring at his crotch, and it says, “I will not pledge allegiance to it,” or something like that. What are the other TBS shows we could crossover with? When I was doing American Dad and ER at the same time, I was like, “We gotta!

It really is no secret that Fox focused much more on Family Guy than American Dad! So with the Smith family now on cable turf, many people believe that its time for the show to shine on its own merits. Yeah, it does feel great to be acknowledged and to be pushed ahead. SG: I think it’s unbelievable, especially for the crew of writers, animators, and producers that have spent 8 or 9 years being under this umbrella of Family Guy to finally be kind of on our own. As for as his career and literary standing goes — take the best parts of Spider-man, Captain America and Luke Skywalker and you will fully understand his origin story.

Thus, as Mystery begins preparing for the arrival of their NHL foe, other things begin heating up around town as well.

This includes the Mayor learning that his wife, Mary Jane (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH), has been carrying on an affair with the town's lothario, Skank Martin (RON ELDARD), who's also bedded other women.

20th and FOX have been good to me for many years, and of course, Dana and Gary have been fantastic bosses and true pals, so it was a no-brainer to come to them with the project.

I think this is gonna be something special.”According to the trade, Palicki will play Kelly Grayson, the new first officer of the Orville and the ex-wife of Mac Farlane’s character, Captain Ed.

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