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Soul-Centered Healing uses specific methods and protocols, then, to help a person access and work at these levels for healing.

Generally speaking, there are four primary categories of phenomena that Soul-Centered Healing usually deals with at these unconscious levels.

Using hypnosis, SCH can help a person identify and resolve sources of pain, conflict, or confusion that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness.

These are the levels that “talk therapy” often cannot get to because of the inner blocking and defenses.

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Kidnapped and cursed as a child, Emma spends nearly a decade locked away in solitude, until one day a certain devilishly handsome pirate comes to her rescue.

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SCH also recognizes that there are phenomena, conditions, entities, and energies operating at these levels that can cause someone emotional and psychological distress.An unexpected surprise occurs when popular and most handsome boy in Shibusen, Soul Evans, finds a rough draft of her work. "The group of girls squealed in delight as they continued to talk about the authoress' work.Terrified that he will expose her secret, Maka finds herself asking him out to get some real life experience in love…that is if she doesn't fall for him first. Inside of Class Crescent Moon, several students were either engrossed into their homework, studying for an upcoming pop quiz, or just reading quietly.Daisy, Killian, Lincoln and Emma must work together to get out of the Enchanted Forest and back into the world where they belong. Your timer stops ticking when you meet your soulmate-except Daisy doesn't have a timer. Enter an odd girl who seems to want to spend time with her and her older brother who, like Daisy, has no ticking timer on his wrist. After the battle with the Inhumans, things are in disarray.Neither Daisy nor Lincoln have soulmates, so obviously they are going to be bitter best friends forever. Lincoln is cleaning up the Afterlife while the team tries to heal the wounds that losing a team member has created.

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