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If you want to rent more maps (or didn't buy your Uniden navigator during the qualifying period) you can rent maps for a low fee -- for example, $US19.95 for the USA map.If you haven't yet bought a GPS, it pays to consider which brand has the cheapest maps for the destination you are travelling to. For example, to rent a Europe map for one month on a Uniden GPS, it costs just US.95 (.10), while if you have a Navman, you'll have to buy it outright for 8 -- more than the GPS hardware costs in many cases.We also have Navman Map Product Keys, also known as Map Unlock Codes.To read more about which maps are compatible with different Navman devices click here or scroll down the page past the Navman product images.

By registering your product we hope to build our relationship with you and send you offers and information to help you make the most of your Navman.F40 Europe or F20 Europe where maps we sell are also compatible.If you are unsure which maps to buy, please e-mail us first to advise us which Navman sat nav model you have.Navman releases software updates for the F20 to correct problems with the GPS software and improve the user experience.You can install the updates by downloading them to your computer and running the installation files.

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