Who is hakeem munya dating

He narrates from the abovementioned scholars and from Sayyid `Abdurahman Kattani of Morocco, the Mufti of Egypt Muhammad `Ali Jum`ah, Sayyid Muhammad `Alawi Maliki, Shaykh Fadhl al-Rahman Madani, Mufti Hassan bin Muhammad al-Ghumari, Sayyid Malik al-`Arabi al-Sanusi al-Madani, Shaykh Muhammad `Ali Murad Shami al-Madani, `Allamah Shareef al-Haq Amjadi, Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan al-Azhari, Sayyid Ahmad Sa`eed Kazimi, Muhadith-e-Kabir Dhiya al-Mustafa Qadiri, `Allamah `Abdul Haq Bandyalawi and others.

It is still polite to use the kunya rather than the ism and sometimes women are known only by it.This is an honorific which designates one individual as 'father' abu or 'mother' umm of another although one did not necessarily have to have children in order to be given one.The father might become 'Abu Hasan' or 'father of Hasan' and the mother, 'Umm Ahmad' or 'mother of Ahmad' although the use of a daughter's name would be more usual.The religion of Islam, which began in the Arabian peninsula, is shared by many countries of the Near and Middle East and several African states also have large Muslim populations who use Arabic names, especially in the north of the continent.Arabic is the main language of eighteen countries (about 180 million people) and is the sixth most commonly spoken language worldwide.

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