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She debuted in the film "River's Edge" and then became a teen sensation as Diane Court in "Say Anything." She later married Adam Horovitz from the Beastie Boys, but the couple divorced, and today she is married to Australian musician Ben Lee. On recently chatted with Skye about her new book, her new acting roles, her life as the wife of a Beastie Boy and, of course, "Say Anything." On Milwaukee.com: Is this the first book you've written?

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Then: Skye was 18 when she played the smart and stunning Diane Court.Are you still in touch with Ione Skye, who played your love interest, or any of your other leading ladies? Ione has two kids now, and is doing stuff here and there. It's also pretty warm whenever I see Minnie Driver [his costar in ]. What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love? And hopefully, when you surprise someone, they're happy to see you.The second song is a song called "Joe Lies (When he cries)" --It is not the same as in the movie.The last song is a song called "These are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies" in the middle of the song they play the part where John Cusack says "Ok I have a question.

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